We find that leaders that call on Visual Bridge for Lean and Six Sigma process improvement training typically choose the option of conducting the training in concert with an actual project. We can train your individual and team members while simultaneously solving real challenges you face. By using this method, we find the following:

  • The student gets immersed in real subject matter by being able to try, fail, learn, and succeed
  • A mentor, your instructor, is a highly skilled practitioner and consultant who will ensure the team’s project is successful
  • The sponsor gets a problem solved in the course of the training
  • The company realizes an immediate return on their investment through the completion of the project
  • The Team wins big by learning, doing, solving and celebrating
  • It removes the excuse that “we have not done this before”
  • Students apply the statistical software appropriately
  • Students learn how to develop data collection methods for future analysis through the struggle of data mining, cleansing, and transformation

Six Sigma

Six Sigma White Belt – The basics of Six Sigma for everyone!

Green Belt – Tactical Six Sigma for functional problem solvers

Green Belt for Government® – Specialized for Government projects

Black Belt – Six Sigma Team Leaders

Black Belt for Government® – Specialized for Government programs

Master Black Belt – Lead organizational change

Champion Training – Executive Leadership and Process Owner Training

Modular Training – à la carte tools and techniques

SigmaXL® for Six Sigma


Lean Six Sigma (added element of waste reduction and increasing process velocity over standard Six Sigma)

Lean Six Sigma White Belt – The basics of Lean Six Sigma for everyone!

Lean Green Belt – Tactical Lean Six Sigma for functional problem solvers

Lean Green Belt for Government® – Specialized for Government projects

Lean Black Belt – Lean Six Sigma Team Leaders

Lean Black Belt for Government® – Specialized for Government programs

Lean Master Black Belt – Lead organizational change and process design

Champion Training – Executive Leadership and Process Owner Training

Modular Training – à la carte tools and techniques

SigmaXL® for Six Sigma


We provide training and certification in Lean Six Sigma that aligns to the IASSC® and CSSC® bodies of knowledge. Our lead trainer is an IASSC® Accredited Training Associate.






We believe that leadership development is a career-long journey, and our range of programs provides development opportunities for leaders at all levels.

Our Industrial-Organizational psychologists and Master Executive Coaches are certified in all of the major psychometric assessments available that will help propel your leaders and teams to maximum effectiveness.


Leadership Levels

Whether you are an enterprise level leader or an individual contributor who leads out of necessity, we have leadership development training that will help you improve your abilities. People at all organizational levels can significantly enhance their leadership effectiveness through the study of advanced leadership concepts, direct feedback, intense learning experiences, accountability-based leadership coaching, and personal reflection.


Individual Contributors

May not have positional authority or a formal leadership role, but these people are expected to perform, contribute and influence in a leader-like manner.


Emerging Leaders

Are at an early stage in their careers. They have been identified for their leadership potential and aspirations.


Team Leaders

Are typically mid-level managers making the transition from tactical to strategic leadership. Their focus is shifting beyond functional responsibilities to the overall organizational issues.


Business Leaders

Manage divisions or business units. In addition to their operational responsibilities, they are responsible for enterprise-wide opportunities and challenges.


Enterprise Leaders

Operate at the strategic level of the business. They are responsible for crafting and executing the organization’s business model.

Common Individual and Team Coaching Goals Include:

  • Successful transition to a leadership role

  • Creating a winning culture

  • Reducing employee turnover

  • Increasing employee motivation

  • Boosting sales figures and customer satisfaction scores

  • Developing and leading high performance teams

  • Creating a powerful executive presence

  • Boosting Emotional Intelligence and self awareness, perception and expression

  • Discovering new career paths and successful transition

  • Mastering public speaking and executive presentation

  • Building more productive relationships

Our Coaching Approach

No two coaching engagements are ever the same, but our proven coaching methodology ensures maximum psychological and mental growth within our clients, as we focus on self-reflection, individual development, and performance improvement. We also deliver distinct, provable and massive ROI. Our approach involves transparency, shared responsibility, a facilitative style, a client-focused narrative, work-related goals, a non-hierarchical relationship, and coach-client confidentiality.

Our Coaching Philosophy

There are many different approaches that coaches can take with their Personal Model of coaching. We prefer a combination of the Humanistic and Cognitive perspectives while using Emotional Intelligence and the Five Factor Model as a lens to assess, guide, and improve the clients condition. Humanistic psychology believes in the good of mankind and emphasizes the client’s inherent drive towards self-actualization and creativity, while Cognitive psychology combines behavioral outcomes with self-insight about negative or self-limiting thoughts. While other psychology theories certainly can be effective, this unique combination allows for precision assessment of the client’s condition while focusing on the potential, the possible, and the achievable.

We Start The Coaching Process With Level B Psychological Assessments

After we have met and created a unique coaching plan for you, we first begin with a baseline. There are many assessments available to individuals and organizations, but we administer industry leading assessments that have the most sound research, possess the highest levels of validity and reliability, and pose the least emotional risk to the client. These assessments have stood the testing and rigor of psychologists world-wide and are legally defensible in selection and succession planning.

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